CBs Shipping Services is a leading Export provider offering a comprehensive range of high quality and flexible services to private, and organizations.

Our services include the provision of specialist door to door Service,

We pride ourselves on offering you :

The most comprehensive warehousing for the distribution of consumer goods.

Also the planning and control of stock in terms of Quantity, Quality and Location ,Labeling of products with critical information & detailed analysis of the distribution flow of goods with regard to quantity & frequency

• Containerised shipping - for ultra-safe and secure worldwide transport.

• Securing your vehicle in a sea container bound for an overseas destination.

• Unpacking your vehicle on arrival at your destination country.

• Securing and unpacking completed either at your home or at one of our strategically placed warehouses.

• Roll-on/roll-off shipping - for fast, cost effective overseas movements.

• Collection from your home on a car transporter.

• Delivery to your home on a car transporter.

• Or, you may collect or deliver to or from the sea port in order to reduce costs to a minimum.

• CBs Shipping Services has a department which specifically deals with shipping large trucks, plant and construction equipment.


With professional and experience staff we can assist you in every aspect of the shipment.

The rates for large trucks etc. are calculated on the size and weight of the vehicle, you only pay for the space your vehicle takes up.

So we will need the dimensions/weight before we can give you a quote.

These must be accurate as all vehicles are weighed and measured when they arrive at the port.

• Extra-large trucks/plant etc. are too big to be loaded in to a container, therefore they will have to be shipped by special containers or on roll on roll off.

We can collect your vehicle on a low loader and take it to the UK export terminal, it will then be stowed and secured on the next available vessel and shipped to the port of your destination country.

• All our friendly and reliable employees have many years of experience in the Man and Van sector and are experts in safely handling and transporting furniture and fragile items.

You can also rest assured that we are comprehensively insured and that in the unlikely event that anything is damaged you will be fully compensated.

• Prices, Every job is different and by contacting us we can provide you with a full and accurate quote that takes into account your specific requirements

• We provide a professional and excellent weekly Caribbean Shipping service to the entire Caribbean. It is our intention to make life as easy for the customer as possible.

• Caribbean Shipping Service provides you with a fantastic door to door service from your home in the UK, delivered to your destination port in the Caribbean.

• We do not only ship household goods, we ship pretty much anything that moves from Industrial equipment to cars and Tractor

• All goods collected to be shipped are assumed to be, unless otherwise stated, household goods and/or personal effects, which is automatically covered up to the amount of £22GBP per cubic metre total loss (£250 GBP per barrel).

• If comprehensive cover is required, we will need an itemised list of goods and value.

• The goods must be ready for inspection at the port of destination.

Comprehensive cover is 5% of the value of goods (i.e. £5 for every £100) Any loss or damage must be reported at the destination port before removing goods from the premises, and verified by custom and our agents at the receiving end

• CBs Shipping services is an innovative and fast growing company dedicated to providing a high standard of service to its customers. After years of providing excellent service to high profile clients, We are taking on more staff and providing more services than ever.

• • CBs Shipping Services aim to provide all the services you need under one roof so you always know who to call on. CBs Shipping services not only provide practical services we also offer advice on packing and household maintenance to clients on our books. • All of our staff are very friendly and courteous, feel free to discuss any worries you may have with our staff and they are sure to be a help, they are dedicated to providing a stress free experience for you. Domestic Transportation & Distribution Company. Family owned and operated since 2011.


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